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Preparing for your CNY Engagement Session: A Photo Shoot for “Save the Date” Cards
So you’ve decided to have professional CNY engagement portraits taken for your “save the date” cards. Here are some important points to keep in mind when preparing for your photo shoot.

Set the style: First you need to decide what the two of you will wear. Are you going for a casual look or formal? While you don’t need to “match” your clothing, you do need to think about similar styles. If she is wearing a casual summer dress, he shouldn’t wear a suit and tie. is a great store for fun and funky outfits that are perfect for such a special photo.

Colors and patterns: It is always better to go with solid colors or a simple pattern. Dark colors tend to be more flattering in photos. Again, you don’t have to wear the same colors, but try not to clash. For example, if she is wearing a blue skirt, he should try wearing a blue shirt or sweater.

Don’t oversize: Try to stick with more fitted garments. Baggy or “oversized” clothing often look sloppy in photos and could make you even look heavy.
Accessorize: Wear some neat, but not overkill, accessories. A unique necklace or set of earrings from can give an interesting look to the photo. Boots, hats, and scarves are also good items to mix in with your outfits.

Do NOT wear: Bright white matching shirts, matching khakis, short shorts, tops with large logos, very short skirts, tight tops, exact matching outfits.

Practice makes perfect: Consider doing a “test run” with your planned outfits. Sometimes what looks good while looking at it on the hanger might not have the same flair once it is being worn. Try to bring along 2-3 different outfits, and maybe even change them up with different hairstyles! (Tip: wear your hair down in one outfit, half up in another and in a messy pony for another. For the guy–perhaps change up his look with a hat or scarf)

Show off who you are: This is going to be your official introduction to everyone you are inviting to the wedding. Have some flair and fun with the shoot. Don’t go with just matching jeans and white t-shirts.

Save the date cards: Once the photo shoot is done, it is time to work on the save the date card. offers plenty of great options to create a customized save the date card that will work perfectly with the style of any photo. Consider using colors on the card similar to the outfits you wore during the shoot! Or talk to Pam at Into Memories Photography and let us create a custom save the date card just for you!

Engaged? Looking for 2 professional CNY wedding photographers? Contact Pam and Dave from Into Memories Photography.

Rachael McAdams is a stay at home mom who lives in NYC with her beloved family. She has two beautiful twin daughters and an amazing husband. She loves to write, take her daughters out to explore the city, and cook. Follower her on Twitter @rwmcadams19.

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