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After years of photographing weddings, Dave and I find that every wedding has similarities, but each one is still truly unique. The same holds true for Kelly and Ryan’s Finger Lakes Winery Wedding at Buttonwood Grove Winery. The forecast had been a little worrisome the days following up to the wedding, yet the dark clouds didn’t seem to phase this beautiful couple on their wedding day.

Kelly and Ryan opted to do their “First Look” before their wedding ceremony, and we’re SO glad they did! We were able to create a private moment between the two of them seeing each other for the first time. They laughed, held each other, and read letters they had written to each other. It was a beautiful moment under a tree on the lake.

Above them, the clouds gathered, and so we gathered our umbrellas close by, “just in case.” We were able to capture a few portraits of the two of them before the sky opened up and down came the rain. We hurried for cover, and swore it would stop so we could continue with some portraits. In a few minutes, it did just that! A rainbow appeared, and we continued on with our portraits. Then the bridal party came and we even finished those before the next bout of crazy rain came to visit us. This is exactly the reason we have recommended doing the “First Look” before the ceremony to all our IMcouples! It gives us more time to fit in these precious portraits, just in case something unforeseen happens and changes the normal wedding day timeline. We’re so happy it worked out for Kelly and Ryan!

After the “First Look” portraits, we headed to Buttonwood Grove Winery to wait until the ceremony started. The guests started arriving at the ceremony location outside the winery, and just as the guests arrived, so too did the dark rain clouds. As the bride waited safely inside, the rain started pouring down, and this time, it didn’t want to stop. Everyone ran inside the winery, and the Plan B ceremony location was set up.  Even amid the change, Kelly and Ryan were so calm and chill about the whole situation. They have such a great outlook on life, and you can tell with the way they handled the situation, they have a wonderful outlook on marriage as well.

Their family and friends clapped and cheered as they were proclaimed husband and wife in their intimate ceremony inside the winery. There may have been buckets and buckets full of rain on Kelly & Ryan’s wedding day (and some crazy thunder and lightning too!), they didn’t let it steal their joy. They knew the true meaning of the day, and nothing could stop that. They have one heck of a celebration, and it was beautiful!

Kelly and Ryan’s friends and family partied the night away at Buttonwood Grove Winery while the storm raged on. It let up a bit just in time for us to capture some beautiful portraits of them inside the winery vineyards, and we are ever so grateful!

Please enjoy some of my favorites from Kelly and Ryan’s wedding day, and I have to say a HUGE thank you to the newlyweds for sharing a First Look. That decision literally SAVED the day, photography-wise! They have so many beautiful portraits from before the storm, and I’m so grateful!!

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